The Slice of Sunshine Pledge

We carefully select charities that fit our mission statement and on their behalf we raise money to help achieve our common objectives. We want to help all those who need a little extra love, including our planet. We are involved in projects in our backyard, South Florida, but also in other forgotten locations around the world. Peace.

Please help us achieve our objectives in helping thousands of brothers and sisters get a better quality of life. Whatever you can contributes goes a long way. 

No money, no problem! We need volunteers to help carry out our efforts; we need partners and corporate sponsors; and, we also need existing charities to broaden our reach! Email us to see how we can make magic happen. 

"Dedicated to the belief that every single human being shall have the right to play the game of life without discrimination. That means no one should be left without hope for clean water, food, education, work, health, peace and happiness."

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